CITYSCAPE wallpaper

Free downloadable cityscape wallpaper images for your computer desktop.

I have made a number of my cityscape images available here in the form of HD desktop wallpapers. Use the download buttons next to the images to download the aspect ratio appropriate for your display. Check these pages often as I will add additional images over time so that as many people as possible can enjoy these scenes that I was blessed enough to have captured!

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These images are free to download and use on your own computers but they are not for commercial use. If you would like to use any of these images in your commercial projects or publications, please contact me through my contact page for licensing information and restrictions.

All images are ©Copyright: Rich Rijnders Photography

West Palm Beach Sunset Blue Hour

Sunset on the Intercoastal at West Palm Beach, FL U.S.A. Taken from Palm Beach Island next to the Flagler Museum.

Vancouver Burrard Landing

This massive sculpture was still under construction when this shot was taken. If you look closely you can see scaffolding between the beams. When finished, this sculpture will actually emit fire from the top of each beam. But for now, adjusting my angle to line up the top of the sculpture with the vertical neon light on the building in the background will have to suffice.

Miami Fiery Sunset

The sun sets behind North Miami. Taken at 200mm from about 10 miles off shore.

West Palm Beach at Low Tide

Low tide exposes a storm drain pipe at twilight on the Intercoastal at West Palm Beach, FL U.S.A. Taken from Palm Beach Island near the Flagler museum.

Vancouver Seawall Water Walk Blue Hour

The Vancouver Seawall Water Walk is a lovely place to take a stroll during blue hour.