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Free downloadable landscape wallpaper images for your computer desktop.

I am making a number of my landscape images available here in the form of HD desktop wallpapers. Use the download buttons next to the images to download the aspect ratio appropriate for your display.  Check these pages often as I will add additional images on a regular basis so that as many people as possible can enjoy these vistas that I was blessed enough to have captured!

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Lazy Sunset at the NWR

After a day of shooting wildlife at the Merritt Island NWR, I was heading back to the highway around sunset when I spotted these wading birds in the shallows and thought it would make for a nice shot that beautifully illustrated the “lazy sunset” mood I was feeling on that hot, summer afternoon.



Jupiter Lighthouse Clouds

The Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse and Museum is located in the town of Jupiter, FL on the north side of the Jupiter Inlet. The site for the lighthouse was chosen in 1853 but construction was interrupted from 1856 to 1858 by the Third Seminole War. The lighthouse was completed under the supervision of Captain Edward A. Yorke in 1860 at a cost of more than $60,000.


Sunset Storm Over Kissimmee Prairie

Storm clouds drift over Kissimmee Prairie Preserve at Sunset. 


Bosque Morning Fly-In

Thousands of Snow Geese fly in each morning to the area called the “flight deck” at Bosque Del Apache NWR.
After assembling there for about an hour, there is a huge “blast off” just after sunrise where they all fly out at once to the feeding grounds.


Sunset Sun Rays Over Haida-Gwaii

Sun Rays Stream Over Head as the Sun Sets Over Haida-Gwaii, AK U.S.A.


Kissimmee Prairie Sunset

I like to shoot wildlife in the “golden hour” just before sunset. When the sun gets too low in the sky, photographing wildlife becomes difficult. Still, I often hang around  a while longer just for this!


Jonathan Dickinson Sunset

After a thunderstorm, the sun sets over Jonathan Dickinson State Park. In Florida, rainwater evaporates quickly and puts a haze in the air that looks more refreshing than it feels. But it also puts a nice sheen on the vegitation that almost glows in the setting sun. 


Blowing Rocks Sunrise

A few times per year, if you are lucky enough to make the list, you can access Blowing Rocks Preserve for special sunrise photography sessions. You need to get some quick instruction on avoiding the sensitive sea turtle nesting areas, but well worth the opportunity to help raise awareness of this special place. 


Martin Hwy Tree Tunnel

I wonder how many commuters drive down the Martin highway every day, rushing to and from work, and don’t even appreciate the beauty of this stretch of tree tunnel.

Getting a shot like this is involves just what you think it might. Waiting patiently for a long enough break in traffic for a clear shot down the length of the tunnel, jumping out in the road to set up the gear, taking a shot or two, and getting out of the way of traffic again. I always bring a friend to watch my back when I do this! 


Juno Beach Sunrise Rays

One of the best things about the East Coast is seeing the sunrise over the ocean. Activity on the Juno Beach Pier in Florida starts well before daybreak.


Indian Riverside Park Sunrise

The sun rises on Indian River Lagoon at Indian Riverside Park, Jensen Beach, FL U.S.A.